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DJ Trophy

parking_outsideA difficult start to the day – whenever someone changes the locks on you it is time to seriously consider your relationship!  Not to be fazed by the setback Steven Andrews suggestion of moving straight to the pub (10am – this is England Mr Andrews!) was overruled and Dennis got the site manager over from Warminster.  Entry gained, the hall was laid out in record time with matches underway by 1030 and Wingfield Road opened up for traffic once more.

Lions and International fought out a long and exhausting match – with their handicaps International had so many points to work off they were always on a hiding to nothing, but kept at it – the end result: a Lions win, but 3 tired lions.

Westbury, last year’s winners were going well, with Alan Walton on great form – they made their way easily past Islington and then the tired Lions.

In the other half of the draw some close matches with Phoenix benefiting from the relatively unknown Russell Folwell and Jack Clifford who both played brilliantly in their first serious competition.

So a final between two evenly handicapped teams, played on 3 tables – with honours going deservedly to Phoenix.